About Us

Parts Hangar represents the next logical step for your parts and stock needs. By combining our services with the wealth of information located at Integrated Publishing, Inc., (a leading online source of military specifications and educational publications) we are able to provide you with the most timely and efficient access to the merchandise you require coupled with our dedication to giving you the professional courtesy you deserve.

How it works: By cross-referencing the extensive database that Integrated Publishing, Inc. possesses, the customer has access to parts listed in the online training manuals and educational items as listed by the NSN (National Stock Number) as well as the military part number. With just the click of the mouse, the customer can be taken to our service form to order what they need right then and there. This service cuts out the tedious search for parts representatives or stock locations. In short, we do the work for you ahead of time!

How can we do it? Once the order is processed, we call upon our extensive parts provider network and have the parts drop shipped direct to the customer. If the order in question can not be shipped in that manner, we will provide the retailer information and any other necessary vitals to the customer at a nominal fee so they can simply order direct.

Parts Hangar is dedicated to providing you with excellent and timely service, as well as supplying you with a simple solution to whatever your project needs might be.